Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Upcoming Pregnancy Yoga Classes:

Unfortunately, all Vibha Yoga classes are on hold until Spring 2021 due to coronavirus.  Apologies for any inconvenience. 


Pregnancy yoga (6 week course):

§    A yoga course designed for expectant mothers from 12 weeks through to labour

§ A course to support you, mentally, emotionally and physically, through your pregnancy

§    No previous yoga experience necessary

§    Classes are tailored to suit your body and stage of pregnancy

§    Classes include:

o   physical postures and gentle stretches

o   breathing techniques, relaxation and guided meditations

o   time to socialise and share experiences with other expectant mothers 

Benefits of pregnancy yoga:

§    Improves strength and mobility to support you through pregnancy and labour

§    Physical movement to balance the changes in your body

§    Relieves tension, aches and pains

§    Supports optimal foetal positioning

§    Learn techniques to relax and stabilise emotions

§    Time out to connect with yourself and your intuition

§    Time out to connect with your baby

§    Socialise with other expectant mothers

§    Mentally, emotionally and physically prepare yourself for labour


I have loved the pregnancy yoga classes.  It’s been so relaxing and informative and feels great.
Laura Dixon