Corporate Yoga

There is an increasing requirement on employers to consider and support the health and wellbeing of their employees by reducing and mitigating the impacts of work related stress.  Yoga is a holistic practice, supporting practitioners physically, mentally and emotionally.  This holistic approach makes it is an excellent solution to offer as part of your health and wellbeing programme. 


The physical movements help to create a healthy body reducing the risk of injuries.  In addition, movement is proven to reduce the risk of many of the major diseases that lead to staff absence.  The relaxation, breathing, meditation and mindfulness techniques help your workforce to manage stress and improve emotional balance creating a happier more productive workforce.


As an HSE professional with experience in organising and delivering health and safety strategies, training programmes and large events, I can support your business to implement a tailored health and wellbeing yoga package that is suitable to your specific risks.


A range of options are available, including:

o   One off yoga workshops as part of a health and wellbeing event.

o   A series of yoga workshops optimised to the issues or challenges faced in your work environment e.g. team building, innovation, working outside your comfort zone, mindfulness etc.

o   A weekly class offering to staff at a time and location that fits with the working day. 



A good health and wellbeing package shows your employees that you care.  Please contact me directly to discuss your needs.