Personal Yoga Classes



Unfortunately, all Vibha Yoga classes are on hold until Spring 2021 due to coronavirus.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

What to expect:

§  A yoga session at a time and location that suits you.  For example, in your home, place of work or in my studio room in Folkestone.

§  A free 30 minute consultation with your first session to understand what you want to get out of your yoga practice and review posture, strength and range of movement.

§  A tailor made program to suit your goals and needs which will include a range of:

o      Techniques to centre your mind and bring you into the moment

o      A series of asanas (postures) often joined together by flowing movement

o      Breathing techniques called pranayamas

o      Mindfulness and meditation techniques

o      Opportunities to learn about yoga philosophy

o      Relaxation

Benefits of a personal class:


§  1 to 1 training, adjustment and support


§  Tailored program to suit your body and your goals


§  At a location and time to suit you



Vicki was professional and discrete at all times making me very comfortable and overcoming my initial feelings of self-consciousness.

Vicki adapted the practice all the way through when necessary to meet me needs.
Vicki Beatty



1 to 1

60 minutes



75 minutes



90 minutes


1 to 2 or 3

60 minutes



75 minutes



90 minutes


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