Student Stories

Yoga is for everyone.  This page shows the stories of the some of the students that have come to yoga and what they got out of the practice.

Ray Skelton

“Two years ago I could hardly move due to straining my back doing a DIY task.  After spending a small fortune on a variety of remedial treatments a good friend recommended trying yoga.   I reluctantly signed up and almost a year on with Vicki’s guidance and patience I am pain free and more flexible than I have ever been.  I would recommend this form of exercise above anything else I am currently taking part in and as I approach my sixty’s I will continue to be fit, pain fee and flexible.  Finally my wife has noticed a difference and has started attending Vicki’s practice for body, mind and soul.”  

Jess Hennessey (pictured right)

Jess came to yoga classes to improve her flexibility and increase her confidence in her yoga practice.  This is what she has to say about her practice:

“I always felt like I learnt something new, especially with yoga history and understanding.  Loved that Vicki would help support your personal development goals, e.g. headstands!  Classes are relaxed yet push you to explore more of what you can do.  The most comfortable I’ve ever been in a class.  The regular classes create a lovely little community also.”

Dale House

“I found the session very difficult, after 40 plus years of playing rugby, I have reaped the benefits and totally enjoyed the yoga experience.

As an endurance cyclist I have been able to spend long periods in the saddle, moreover the yoga has been an integral part of my training regime for an 8000-mile cycle adventure from UK to Japan following the Silk Road into China, then down to Shanghai before catching the ferry to Osaka in Japan. 

I will be undertaking my own yoga session throughout my forthcoming cycle.  A great big thanks to Vicki Jago, who has put
up with my incessant talking and joking, you have  made a real difference to my flexibility and breathing techniques.” 


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Vicki Beatty

Vicki came to yoga classes to calm a racing mind and help her sleep.  This is what she has to say about her practice:

“I enjoyed learning to listen to my body more and the opportunity to learn more about the practice not just do it.  Since taking yoga classes, I am more aware of my mind and how it works.  I try not to control it but work with it.  Vicki was very professional and discrete at all times making me very comfortable and overcoming my initial feelings of self-consciousness.  Vicki adapted the practice all the way through when necessary to meet my needs.”